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5 Reasons You Should Care About Your Employees Happiness

5 Reasons You Should Care About Your Employees Happiness

Reasons You Should Care About Your Employees Happiness - The average full-time employee spends a good third of their day working. Add after-hours meetings, mandatory team-building exercises, and seminars to all that and it’s no wonder so many employees are effectively disengaged with their work. 

The lack of personal time can be frustrating; a steady piling up of assignments is even more so. Yet, at the end of the day, you pay your workers to work, don’t you? So why should you care about their mental well-being? Well, here are a few reasons why.

1. Happy employees are less likely to leave

If your employees feel like they’re at home, they’ll be less inclined to search for a new employer. Why is this so important? Well, suffice it to say, companies are losing billions each year due to employee turnover. In short, it takes a lot of time and resources to mold ‘raw recruits into an effective workforce. According to SHRM’s report, the average cost-per-hire is $4,129 and it takes around 42 days to fill an empty position. 

As such, keeping your employees happy is imperative if you wish to reduce your annual turnover rates and increase your overall employee retention levels. What’s more, long-standing employees are more valuable to you as they’re more experienced in their current positions. For example, if you were a sports coach, you wouldn’t want to lose your star player before an important match, now would you?

2. A satisfied staff copes well with clients

Just as you can tell when someone is still hungover, clients can spot an unhappy employee from a mile away. It doesn’t matter how big a smile you make them wear, customers will ultimately see through your employees’ façade and judge your company, all the same, thinking: “if this is how they treat their workers, I don’t want to know what they do with their clients.” Conversely, satisfied employees radiate positive energy, making them more effective communicators with clients and customers. 

Also, unlike their unhappy counterparts, fulfilled employees have a much better attitude and as such are more likely to calmly defuse an unpleasant situation before it spins out of control. Additionally, clients are more open-minded to sales offers made by friendlier staff than when approached by a disengaged worker.

3. Content workers are more productive

This one is huge. Employees that are happy with their jobs are more engaged with their work than employees who are discontent. As a result, they invest more time and energy into the completion of their daily tasks, perceiving them as something truly important and worth doing. On the other hand, dissatisfied workers are less efficient as they don’t have their minds set on work but are rather occupied with all the things they’ll be doing once their shift has ended. 

For example, during the holiday season there are a lot of distractions that can plague the minds of your workers; heavy snow, gift hunting, having dinner with the in-laws, and so on. Rewarding them with a neat prepaid visa card as a Christmas bonus can help them take their minds off of things, thus changing their mood for the better. Remember, a happy worker is a productive worker.

4. Ecstatic employees are more creative

Creativity is an essential worker trait. When creative employees hit a brick wall, they don’t start banging their heads against it, but rather look for an alternate route. Their fresh ideas bring new and exciting solutions to age-old problems, increasing workflow efficiency and boosting productivity in the process. 

However, what they don’t like is to be kept inside a gilded cage where they’re constantly being micro-managed and scrutinized for their innovative approach. Hence, be sure to provide your most creative minds with some leeway and don’t choke them with unnecessary rules and regulations. Keep them happy and they’ll teach the rest of your workforce to work even smarter.

5. Disgruntled workers are more prone to unethical behavior

If you ever find yourself with a disgruntled worker in your midst, just remember that one rotten apple may spoil the whole batch. Behind the water cooler, and on social media, office news spreads like wildfire. If the others hear that you’ve mistreated one of their colleagues, guess which side they’ll be on? Such negativity could deal a devastating blow to your company culture, give your business a bad name, and completely destroy your credibility as an employer. 

Additionally, disgruntled workers are more likely to engage in theft, corporate espionage, and sabotage. Thus, always remember to give your unhappy workers, some much needed time off so it doesn’t escalate to that.

In the end, an enthusiastic worker will speak favorably of your business when talking with their friends, their family, and even their clients. So, don’t let this word-of-mouth marketing go to waste and put a smile on their face.

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